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Marketing your business with Promotional Products can benefit your business in a variety of ways. They can increase brand loyalty and awareness, enhance customer engagement levels and help you drive your business forward.

Promotional products come in all kinds of forms and can include everything from pens and other forms of stationery to power packs, t-shirts and many more. Read on to find out how to make promotional products work for you and get the results that you desire.



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When it comes to deciding where to spend your marketing budget, there are many factors to take into consideration. Traditional media such as newspapers, magazines and radio/TV advertising are not always as easy to monitor results and digital media, unless done properly, can become fragmented.

In fact, it can be a full time job just trying to keep on top of your marketing. Where do you start and what should be your priorities and how do you use Promotional Products Effectively in 2019, More importantly, where will you get the best return on your investment?


Promotional products are an important element of marketing that needs to be factored into your marketing strategy and plan. The art is knowing which promotional products to use, when to use them and how. But where do you start?


Before you embark on ordering promotional products for your business, you first need to establish what it is that you are trying to achieve. Important particulars like the audience you are trying to reach, your methods of distribution and the message that you are trying to communicate all need to be factored into your plan. You need to avoid impulse decisions that will leave you with lots of merchandise that you aren’t going to be able to use or that has no purpose.


This is a decision that is going to be based on your business and what you are trying to achieve. Perhaps you want to reward customer loyalty or maybe you want to incentivise new customers. If you are exhibiting at an event then you may want a reason for people to come to your stand and promotional products are a great way to engage with them. Perhaps you are looking for a way to reward customers over the festive period with something that can be used all year round and not only gives them something but also acts as marketing for your business.

What promotional products should you choose?

There is so much choice when it comes to merchandise. As well as the sheer volume of products you can choose including pens, mugs, USB sticks, bags and clothing, there are also a number of styles, sizes and other options. Clothing can include sweatshirts, t-shirts, jackets, hats, baseball caps, fleeces, aprons, armbands and so much more. In fact, according to the ,Promotional Products Association international (PPAI) 2017 survey wearables account for 35.8% of promotional products survey.

Some businesses use promotional products as their staff uniform while others like to have merchandise to give to customers or potential clients.


What do people Like from Merchandise

When considering your promotional merchandise, it is important to question what people will use and what they are looking for. The top reasons that people keep promotional products include whether they are fun, functional and trendy.

Top Reasons Promotional Products are kept

Top Qualities of Promotional Merchandise


In order for you to provide value to your customers it is necessary to understand the audience. Who are they, what do they do, what do they like etc.? If you have a good ideal of your audience habits and behaviours, it is easier to reward them with merchandise that they will find useful. Business executives, for example, will make use of USB sticks, good quality pens and umbrellas. The more value and functionality you offer your customers, the more likely they are to use and retain your products.


How do  brand your products ?

Choosing which products to purchase is one decision. The next step is to choose how you will brand your products. You could spend a lot of time and research just deciding on this alone. Again, it is important to look at your audience and how your products will be used. Creating the right image and ensuring that people will be happy to be seen with your products is important.

  • Company colours – keeping the products in your company colours can increase recognition but only if those colours work with the products
    • Company logo – the perfect opportunity to increase brand awareness
    • The detail – will you include a slogan, your website address, telephone number, store location or a specific message?
    • Size and quality
    • Amount – how many products will you order. This will largely depend on who they are for and your budget.

Target audience, budget, purpose of the products and whether there are any variables that are likely to change in the future will dictate what you order and how many. If you are likely to have a rebrand 12 months down the line or change your website or physical address, you may want to consider how much and what you order. You don’t want to be left with lots of irrelevant merchandise.


When your products arrive and you find yourself eager to share them with everyone the good news is that you can. The various social media outlets mean that you can share them with your followers.

In fact, there are many cross-promotional benefits like organising giveaways (within the restrictions of Facebook rules) or simply sharing how people can get their hands on them. Use all of the platforms available to you to cross promote and increase your brand awareness.

Do they influence people?

If you are still on the fence about promotional products and wondering if they are worth investing in or if you can you use them effectively in 2019 then there is much research to support the case.

According to the 2017 PPAI survey, 79% of people researched a brand and 83% are more likely to do business with the brand as a result of receiving products. If you are looking for an edge over your competitors, it is the small things that can sometimes make a big difference. The more exposure you give to your brand, the more impact it will have.

While there is so much for business to consider, promotional products have a key place in the marketing mix and can be a very effective investment if executed properly.

If you would like to discuss your options and would like some benefit and advice then we are more than happy to help.

The world of marketing has been massively impacted by branding merchandise and promotional products in recent years. Although this isn’t a brand new development, it’s something more of us are becoming aware of than ever before. But in truth, there’s a long history behind the development and evolution of branded merchandise as a core aspect of marketing strategy.


Evolution of Branded Merchandise
Evolution of Branded Merchandise

Marketing is a huge industry nowadays and it can still all seem a little mysterious when you’re looking at it from the outside. However, it’s not too difficult to break down and understand. We’re all impacted by marketing campaigns and we’re targeted in increasingly complicated ways. It’s all very interesting and branded merchandise and promotional products certainly play their part in all that. We’re now going to delve into the evolution of branded merchandise and look at where it’s heading next.

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Here are We Brand 4 You’s Top Exhibition Tips, Whether this is your first exhibition or you have exhibited many times before, you obviously want to maximise on the potential of your investment and get the best out of it but how? How can you get the maximise the success of your exhibition stand and ensure that it stands out among the many other exhibitors who are all trying to achieve the same?

Top Tips to make your Exhibition a Success

Make sure that you choose the right exhibition

If you are considering an exhibition then it is wise to carry out a little research first. If it is an exhibition that you have attended before and you know that it is busy, accessible and well laid out then you already have a good head start.

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Marketing is something that every business needs.

There are hundreds if not thousands of marketing strategies that you can use to promote your products and services. There is traditional marketing and digital marketing, organic and paid. From all these strategies, promotional products seem to be one of the most effective ways to promote your business.

Whether  printing your branding on a t-shirt or distributing useful corporate stationery there are lots of ideas that you can use to your advantage to raise awareness of your business.

There are certain products that perform better than others and it all depends on what message you would like to convey and to who.

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Promotional products distributors supply branded merchandise to companies and organisations from a wide range of industry sectors, including private companies and not-for-profit brands.

Promotional merchandise serves a range of purposes and can boost brand engagement, drive sales and improve business-to-business relationships.

No matter which industry you operate in, branded products can be incredibly advantageous. What’s more is that there are all sorts of items that you can add your logos, slogans and images to. Read on to learn much more about the value of the promotional product and the work done by the companies that design and manufacture them.

Promotional products

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The benefits promotional products entail for your business simply cannot be underestimated.

In addition to helping you reel in new clients and creating brand awareness, it can ultimately pave the way for sustained business expansion.

Here are top ten benefits of promotional merchandise:

Top Uses of Promotional Merchandise
Top Uses Of Promotional Merchandise, Copyright to We Brand 4 You

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There are many benefits attached to working with a promotional products specialist when you wish to create exposure and boost brand engagement levels. The best promotional products experts can suggest ideas you may have never thought of and provide a valuable objective approach to help you achieve the right results.

Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons for using a promotional products specialist right now.

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If you’re a business, marketing department or entrepreneur, you’ll know that one of the best methods for advertising your services to potential new customers is with promotional products. However, that’s the easy part…. the difficult part is to choosing the right promotional products to achieve your marketing goals – hence this guide.
As a guide to promotional products, here’s a few key requirements that should be considered to help you decide what the ‘best fit’ is for you.

Promotional Products Guide


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Brand loyalty is one of the hardest things that any company has to achieve in order to reach success. This is because of two simple factors: the customers are moody, and the competition is harsh.

The market is a real battlefield, and in order to win, any company needs to understand the concept of fidelity and how to apply it as a communication technique.

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