Insane Facts about Promotional Products

If you run your own business, it’s likely that you know a thing or two about promotional products. Here are 5 Insane Facts about Promotional Products that help harness their maximum marketing potential and how to make them pay great dividends for your brand.

Promotional Gifts can help you to make a splash at a trade show, show an important client how much you care or give a valued employee a classy send-off when they leave or retire. Yet, there are many who eschew promotional products or have yet to be convinced of their real value.

If you’re one of these people, maybe you want to direct some of these insane facts about promotional products towards your eyeballs…



Promotional Rubiks Cubes

Promotional products have a long history

There are many cool and sophisticated promotional products out there today such as Branded USB sticks, MP3 players, wireless chargers and the like. If you can slap a logo on it, it’s fair game as a promotional product.

But promotional products have a long history that extends beyond such friperies. Heck, way past more traditional items like printed mugs, t-shirts and baseball caps too! Indeed, it’s likely that the first recorded promotional products were commemorative buttons dating back to 1789 when George Washington was elected President of the US.

Promotional products stay with their recipients way longer than you’d think!

The skeptical part of our minds might assume that once we give out promotional products their recipients throw them straight into the bin. But research demonstrates that this may not be the case. In fact, our prospects, customers and employees may well keep their branded promotional products around for longer than you’d think. Check out these bonkers stats;

● 8 out of 10 consumers own between 1 and 10 branded promotional products.
● 53% of these people use a promotional once a week or more.
● 60% of recipients keep their promotional products with them for up to two years.
● The average time a consumer will keep a promotional product for is 6.6 months.
● Only 20% of recipients will actually throw unwanted promotional product away.
● In the US alone 31% of consumers own a promotional bag. And get this…
● 63% of consumers will pass along the promotional products that they no longer intend to keep.

Still think they’re disposable? Eh? EHHHH?!?

Promotional products can expose consumers to your brand everywhere they go

The great thing about promotional products is their ability to become a part of a prospect’s life. When they pour their morning coffee, look for something to wear to the gym, need to transport a document to big to email or even reach for a cold beverage they can think of you.

If you think that the reach of promotional products extends just to the desk, the office or the laundry basket think again! These products allow you to establish a presence in the kitchen (through branded cookware and glassware), in the bathroom (with branded bathroom products like soaps and shampoos) and even in the bedroom. Hey, don’t smirk!

Get this, a staggering 55% of consumers have at least one promotional item in their bedroom, 74% have at least one in their workspace but believe it or not 91% have at least one in their kitchen.

As you can see, there are lots of places in which you can have a presence and make a strong impression!

Promotional Merchandise makes everything better!

I mean… They won’t be able to salve the feeling of a stubbed toe, restore burn crumpets to their former squishy glory or take away the unique agony of stepping on your kids’ Lego bricks, but they can boost the efficacy of your other marketing endeavours.

In fact, Adding a promotional product into the mix of a multimedia campaign can boost the effectiveness of your other media efforts by up to 44 percent.

In fact, there’s a strong argument that branded merchandise is more effective than media advertising anyway. Logoed mugs alone make for more effective advertising than radio promotion and even costly TV spots; 57% of people were able to recall the name of an advertiser on a branded mug, as opposed to 32% of radio ads and 28% of TV spots.

Thus, a marketing campaign without promotional products is like a plane with only one wing. It’s not just likely to be ineffective… It’s downright irresponsible!

Promotional Gifts are a great look on you!

You may doubt whether your target market values promotional gifts but it’s highly likely that they do. After all, who doesn’t love getting something for nothing? 53% of the time promotional products create a favourable impression of a brand and 69% of consumers will happily pick up a promotional product if they deem it useful.

So get out there, find out what your core market loves and get your logo on it! It might just be the most effective piece of marketing you ever do.

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