Best Promotional Giveaway Advice for 2020

Promotional Giveaways are a tried and tested method of promoting your brand or business and really help develop great customer loyalty and new lead generation. Giving away a printed notepad and pen at a conference, or a promotional USB with your presentation on is a  fantastic way to keep your company in the briefcase or pocket of every delegate as once is got there data on who is going to lose it.

Best Promotional Giveaway Advice for 2020 1

Promotional Giveaways

When you’re giving away promotional items to crowds at events and exhibitions, there are some items that are better than others. A beautifully engraved decanter, for example, is not the best gift for a goody bag.

To make it easier to find items to buy in bulk on a budget, we’ve created our Promotional Giveaways category. Here, you’ll find tried and tested favourites including our logo bugs, key rings and whistles. These are some of our smaller items that could easily be sent in the mail to every customer, or given out at a busy convention.

Promotional items for exhibitions

If you’re at a trade show, exhibition or job fair, you need affordable promotional giveaway items that people can take home in their bags.

Bike reflectors, bookmarks, keyrings, logo bugs and stress balls are just a few promotional items that can easily be given away. Hand them out as freebies en-masse, to spread your logo or message to an audience of thousands in one day.

Promotional refreshments

If you’re hosting an event, you won’t want to forget refreshments for your visitors. We can print your company logo on cans of energy drinks, isotonic beverages, soft drinks and refreshing cold coffees. You can also add your own labels to bottles of water, either plastic or glass.

Alternatively, why not choose a bottle collar, to fit around the neck of a wine bottle? This is a low-cost way to turn any drink into a branded promotional product.

Promotional items for charity events

For charities, we can supply branded collection buckets. Anyone passing by will know exactly who they’re donating to.

Collection buckets can be manned and carried around, or left in key collection points (like the ends of supermarket checkouts). If they’re being carried around, you might also like us to create some charity stickers, balloons, wristbands, window stickers or campaign ribbons to give out when people make donations.

Promotional items for children

If you can make a child smile, you’ve impressed a parent as well. Children won’t necessarily mind if they’re interested in your brand, but they’ll take your logo home just the same. If you’re trying to reach out to business managers and decision-makers, never forget that they’re also the mums, dads and grandparents at the events that you’re attending.

Some of our best promotional items for children include pom poms, stickers and balloons, all of which can be printed and personalised with your logo. These can be given out at parades, festivals and family events, or can be given to young customers that visit your business premises.

Toys are free gifts that will keep your logo on display for longer. A plastic maraca or a yo-yo won’t cost much to give away but will be used regularly by the child that takes it home. Children will be happy with the gift that you give them, whilst their parents will appreciate a business that thinks of their little ones.

Promotional items for mailing

Why wait for potential customers to make their way to you? Many of our items for promotional giveaways are easy and cheap to post. Send them out in the mail to make an impression, increase brand awareness and make your marketing go further.

Items that can be sent in the mail include air fresheners, bookmarks, trolley tokens and credit card holders – practical and useful so that they won’t be cast aside. It’s human nature to be intrigued, which means that any envelope thicker than a piece of paper is almost certain to be opened.

We can also upload your  company brochure on to a usb stick as  a thick catalogue might not fit through someone’s letterbox, but a disc won’t be left on the doorstep and it will be cheaper to post and be will certainly be kept for longer.

Promotional giveaways for employees

You don’t need to promote your business to existing employees, but by wearing your logo they’ll help to spread your brand. We can add your business logo to ID badge holders, to immediately make your company look even more professional. You might also like to choose machine embroidered badges that can be sewn onto clothes to make your uniform.

Window stickers with your company details can quickly turn any vehicle into a promotional tool. Many of your employees would be happy to put a sticker on their car’s rear window, so it’ll be seen wherever they’re driving.

Ready to choose?

Are you looking for something to send through the mail, or items to give out at events? Do you need products for charity fundraising or branded items to bring attention to your business?

If you’re ready to order, then we’re here to add your logo to promotional giveaway items. If you’ve got questions, we’re ready to answer them.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.

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