Top Buyers and Industries using Promotional Products For Business Promotion

What are the top Buyers and Industries using promotional Products for there Business Promotion ?

Whether you want to increase your brand recognition or generate more leads and sales, promotional products are great branding tools for your business. Top buyers of promotional products know they are an effective strategy, no matter what industry you are working in. Why are they effective for business promotion? Because even with a small, low-cost branded product, you can make a significant difference for your existing and potential customers. The power of a branded pen or backpack lies in generating customer loyalty, so it is a crucial part of the company’s business strategy.

If you are contemplating how to make your business stand out among your competitors, implementing a promotional product strategy can boost your business identity and drive traffic to your website (or store). The main goal of using branded promotional products is to attract more customers and create a better brand appeal. It is not enough to know the statistics and benefits of using promotional products – you have to understand the psychology behind the power of a free product and what are the most effective strategies for specific industries if you want to reach a satisfying number of new leads.


Top Buyers and Industries using Promotional Products For Business Promotion 1

a) Education.
If you want to set yourself apart from your competitors, you have to make sure not only to provide high-quality educational service but also to build an image of a professional, powerful, inspirational, and respectful institution where dreams come true. You have a hard task of attracting the best students, professors, lecturers, even sporting events to your educational institution. There is no better way than giving free promotional items like notepads or erasers with your logo on it, something they will use it every day. A friendly reminder of your institution!
b) Finance.
Many financial institutions, like banks and credit unions, have a negative reputation and are ranking significantly below other industries like retailers or telecommunications. A common belief is that they accumulate negative ethical and moral ramifications, and people do not trust them in general. However, the latest surveys on banks’ reputation made by Reputation Institute (RI) show that even the slightest change in the approach can forge a better connection with the consumers and build genuine trust and loyalty toward their brand. A promotional pen, notebook, or coffee cup can make your institution look more approachable and warmer, increasing human appearance.
c) Healthcare.
Hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and other medical centres recognise the power of corporate merchandise and used them daily to create a meaningful and valuable engagement from their consumers. Numerous studies show that when you have promotional products integrated into your brand strategy, it has positive consequences on the overall brand affinity. In the survey conducted by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), more than 90% of the consumers stated promotional items led to a secure link between a category and a brand, which means it supported a better brand recall. The same fact sheet said the value of a promotional product lies in its usefulness and appreciation toward a client, leading to almost daily usage and free promotion for the healthcare provider without any additional cost.
d) Business professionals.
Like many other business owners, business professionals like attorneys or architects need a good marketing strategy to gain new clients and expand their business. If they want to achieve the desired results, they have to be ahead of their competitors. Nowadays, it is harder than ever to catch the eye of potential clients in the saturated market. Valuable freebies, like mugs, pens, umbrellas, flash drives, or keyrings, can catch the attention of a client and even play a role in positively changing the overall impression of a specific brand. When you put your name and logo on a visually beautiful product that brings a particular benefit to the client, it is more likely he or she will start researching your business, which is a step forward in turning them into loyal clients.
e) Non-profit.
Having promotional products can become a profitable action for non-profit organisations. As fundraising is an integral part of their business, charities and other organisations that want to increase the awareness about precise causes, use different methods to attract various funding sources, and giving free products can be one of them. A study found that 41% of U.S. citizens will purchase a product if it is associated with a cause or issue. Moreover, almost 90% will remember the name of the organisation that gave them a free item nearly two years later. Free giveaways are undoubtedly connected with a positive attitude a client accumulates toward a non-profit organisation. There is a praiseworthy fact from one study showing around 75% of millennials will be most likely to spend money on a cause after receiving a gift from an organisation.
f) Government.
Whether they are local, state or federal, government offices, law enforcement, or fire departments are getting into the modern game of handling free promotional products to their citizens. Maybe the most common reason for the promotional offering is federal election campaigns. Still, it is not strange to stumble upon a promotional hat or a t-shirt with a logo of a local police office. Many government offices use the power of promotional products to build better, stronger, and loyal relations with the public to increase the positive image of their work or to lure the potential students of employees to their forces. Moreover, if you are conducting any community initiative, like recycling, handling promotional products can be an effective way of informing the public about it. Finally, some products, like hats or t-shirts, are perfect souvenirs and show how pride the citizens are of their town.

There are other industries where promotional products can make a difference between doing business successfully or slowly starting losing the race. Contractors, plumbers, realtors, mechanics and auto parts suppliers, engineers, accountants, and many others are trying to win the game by changing the traditional business strategy into a smooth mixture of activities tailored toward satisfaction and happiness of existing and new clients. If your industry is among the mentioned ones, contact WeBrand4You, and we will be happy to ease that process for you.

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