Top uses of Promotional Merchandise | Infographics

The benefits promotional products entail for your business simply cannot be underestimated.

In addition to helping you reel in new clients and creating brand awareness, it can ultimately pave the way for sustained business expansion.

Here are top ten benefits of promotional merchandise:

Top Uses of Promotional Merchandise
Top Uses Of Promotional Merchandise, Copyright to We Brand 4 You

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1. Brand Recognition

Through promotional merchandise, brands can market products and services with the bare minimal effort, it might be noted. In fact, certain items can go a long way in terms of creating better brand recognition include writing instruments and materials, drinkware, company apparel, hats and smart devices.

  • Promotional products offer brands the opportunity to market their products and services with minimal effort. Items that are popularly used include drink ware, writing materials, apparel and smart devices.

Brand Recognition

Product/Brand Awareness

  • Promotional merchandise makes it easier for customers to recognize your brand instantly once they see your logo.
  • Research into the latest trends when choosing promotional items and opt for the ones that are relevant to your business

Give away free promotional content and people will be quick to identify with your logo. It’s also important to research the latest trends when deciding what promotional items to give away because they need to be relevant to your business. Lunch bags, sunglasses and hats, for instance, may be more appropriate than writing instruments and journals if you’re catering to a younger crowd.

Increase Brand Awareness

 Corporate Identity

  • Constant exposure to a brand’s name, logo and slogan are necessary for boosting a brand’s corporate identity. The act of giving out promotional items will create a positive image for your business.


In order to boost your overall corporate identity, you need to expose the name, logo and slogan constantly and in a way that makes people feel really good about themselves: promotional merchandising. Giving out free stuff will create a very positive image of the brand, improving reputation and promoting favourable impressions.

Public Relations and Good Will

  • Giving away free promotional items is considered an act of goodwill; promotional products have a way of making people more receptive to your business.
  • When you hand over gift items to people, the chances are that he or she will listen to what you have to say, improving public relations in the process.

Customer Retention & Appreciation

  • People find the need to reciprocate kind gestures like gift items, and that increases not only customer retention but also the likelihood of more business transactions.
  • Promotional products are an excellent way to thank your customers. Customers that are recognized and appreciated tend to stay loyal as well as refer prospects.

Promotional items have a way of winning hearts and make people stand up and take notice, with the result that they become more receptive. In addition to being an act of goodwill, promotional apparel makes for a fantastic conversation starter with prospective audiences. By handing out free gifts, you will effectively increase the likelihood of people listening to you, thereby improving public relations.

Generate Sales & Referrals

  • Specialty products and customer appreciation gifts can generate plenty of new leads; in fact, something as simple as a branded pen can lead to a sales call. Even T-shirt giveaways at a charity event should not be underestimated as they can turn into a lead; it happens all the time.

Employee Communications & Recognition

  • You can reward your employees with promotional items when they meet a sales quota, or achieve goals, or even for hard work. They will likely be more motivated to keep up the good work because of the feeling of appreciation and recognition created by the gift.

New Product Introductions

  • If you want to make an impact with a new product roll-out, try adding a promotional product.

Motivate Behaviours & Incentive Programs

  • Need a way to push the sales team to new levels, help production cut down on waste, or induce shipping to reduce costs? Consider offering a promotional incentive as a reward.

New Customer Acquisitions


When it comes to marketing, the word “free” sells like hotcakes. Offering free stuff at a trade show, for example, can noticeably improve your outreach, particularly to newer target audiences, because nothing inspires trust and willingness like getting a free branded gift.

Follow the advice in this article and you’re well on your way to a bigger, better and ever more present brand.

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