Why Choose Promotional Gadgets

These days, there’s a tech gift solution to suit just about every corporate image. That’s far from the only reason why you should choose promotional tech gifts though.

The market for promotional and branded products and gifts is certainly changing at the moment. If you want to keep up, you need to understand which tech gifts are popular right now and use them to your own company’s advantage. Luckily for you, we have plenty of appropriate solutions and you can read our guide why choose promotional tech gifts below.


Why Choose Promotional Gadgets

If you haven’t started using gadgets and USB-related devices to promote your business yet, it’s high time you did. USB devices and gadgets are on-trend right now because people use them all the time. USB flash drives, radios, pedometers, and all the rest of these digital goodies can help you transform your relationship with your customers and provide them with genuine value.

Still not sure whether it’s worth buying promotional gadgets and USBs? Check out these compelling reasons below.

Promotional Gadgets Appeal To A Wide Audience

One of the great things about promotional items is that you provide customers with things that have genuine utility. People can take promotional items back home or to the office and use them every day.

Today we rely on digital devices more than ever before, making gadgets and USB-related products among the most beneficial things you can give away.

Take our USB flash drives, for instance. You can customise your flash drives with your branding, and your customers can use them wherever they go. Think about how useful a flash drive could be for people transporting files between their work or home computer, or sharing video easily with friends.


Our branded power banks are another great example.

Practically everyone living in the UK today depends on devices, like smartphones, which run on batteries. These batteries, however, are notoriously short-lived, running out just at the moment you need them most. With our power banks, you can help customers skirt around this problem and give them the additional battery power they need, whether on the train, a plane, in the car or out at the park.


Gadgets And USBs Develop Brand Familiarity

The reason promotional gadgets and USBs are so useful at building brand familiarity is that your customers will use them all the time. People need digital products for their work.

Branded Gadgets make your customers interact with your brand images and logos every day. They’re the perfect vessel to build brand familiarity and awareness.


PPAI investigated how long the average customer keeps a promotional item. Their research showed that an impressive 41 per cent of people kept promotional items for between one and five years with a further 22 per cent using them for between six and ten. Incredibly, 18 percent used them for over eleven years – that’s more than a decade of virtually free marketing.


Gadgets And USBs Provide Your Customers With Genuine Utility

While many promotional products can seem gimmicky, USBs and other related digital devices are not. They have utility in the real world.

Think about how much your customers rely on their digital technology. By giving away related items, you’re feeding into existing behaviours while providing them with a tool that they can use to make their lives better. <p> Every time they use one your USB sticks, they’ll interact with your brand and associate it with a positive experience.

Providing your customers with genuine utility isn’t just something that benefits them either – it helps you too. The more compelling your promotional products, the more customers will interact with your brand and the higher the familiarity you’ll generate. Remember, familiarity breeds trust. When your customers have a problem that you can solve, they’re much more likely to come to you.

Promotional USBs And Gadgets Are Affordable Compared To Other Forms Of Marketing

If you’ve ever tried to market your business on social media or search, you’ll know that it is expensive. You often end up spending a big chunk of your company’s overall revenue, just trying to attract people to buy your products. It’s a significant drag on your profitability.

If only there were a way to do it more cheaply.


The good news is that there is: promotional gadgets and USBs. One of the great things about the digital revolution of the last thirty years is that it’s led to a dramatic fall in the price of all digital products. You can pick up hundreds of USBs, dongles, radios, and other digital devices for a fraction of the cost of just a few years ago. Digital marketing channels pale in comparison. You’ll be amazed just how substantial your return on investment could be.

Spice Up Your Customer Experience With A Range Of Exciting Products

Customers love giveaways, but they love them more when you give them something exciting.

With us, you can choose from a wide variety of USB and gadgets that your customers will love. This choice allows you to tailor your giveaways according to the needs of your audience.

If your audience is teenagers and millennials, then you might want to choose a promotional selfie-stick. If your audience is people who regularly spend time outdoors or older adults, then you might want to select a portable digital radio.

The range of promotional gadgets and USB devices we offer allows you to personalise your giveaways to the needs of your audience. What could be better than that?

Remember, we offer a whole host of products that suit practically every customer niche:

Pedometers for active audiences or those interested in improving their health

Mobile speakers for those who want to listen to music on the go

USB products for people who wish to share media with their friends or make it easy to transfer files between work and home

Selfie products for people who love travel or want to share selfies more easily on social media

Weather stations for people who want to know what the weather is going to be like before they head out of the house

Digital radios that make it easy for people to listen to broadcasts anywhere they happen to be

Powerbanks for people who are away from mains power supplies for long stretches and need other ways to charge their devices

Laser pointers for people who need to give regular presentations at work or who need tools that allow them to point at distant objects

Offer Customers Useful USBs And Gadgets Away From The Tradeshow 

You’re free to hand out gadgets and USBs at your next trade show and event – it’s a great marketing strategy and helps you gain attention. But you can also benefit enormously from giving away these promotional items whenever you encounter a new prospect.

Giving a customer something for free is a great way to create a connection that they won’t forget.


Are you struggling to make significant inroad in your other marketing channels? If so, then adding promotional gadgets and USB giveaways to the mix could help your campaigns enormously.

You can boost engagement and get people talking more broadly about what you do by sending them useful digital products that they can use.


 Pre-load USB Sticks With Marketing Material

USB sticks are different from most giveaways in the sense that they can store additional information that you can use for marketing. A pen or a t-shirt only contains marketing on its surface, but you can pre-load a USB to include a brochure or other compelling marketing materials for your customers. USBs, therefore, are an excellent opportunity for you to share your message in-depth with those who are interested.


If you’re looking for promotional gadgets and USBs, then you’ve come to the right place. By choosing We Brand 4 You, you can get more choice, and higher quality promotional gadgets and USBs. <p>

We enable you to provide your customers with a wide selection of highly useful products, each of which can improve their lives. We can tailor your giveaways to your client’s needs and give them something that makes them remember you.

While items such as pens that will deliver more units for your money are a key marketing staple, many businesses want something that offers more to their customers or perhaps even their employees.


There are some excellent reasons to choose Branded Gadgets  as those valuable products.

You can

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