Everyone loves Promotional Pens

Everyone loves promotional pens Despite having nearly hundreds of pens at home, people simply love to bring one more home. Especially if they got it as a free promotional gift.

According to the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA), around 32% of companies and professional companies are using promotional merchandise as a tradeshow giveaway. More than 90% of them will buy promotional pens to promote their brand.

Even though we are living in the age dominated by technological wonders, pen and paper are still an effective way of keeping up with plans, writing a diary of putting inspirational messages on mirrors and boards. The power of paper and pen lies in their physical presence. They are more real, which means they are harder to forget, unlike zeros and ones of the digital world

Why everyone loves promotional Pens

To encourage companies to acknowledge the significance and the benefits of promotional products, BPMA is running annual events to raise awareness of promotional products used within the marketing mix. A study conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) states that most people keep their promotional products for an average of eight months. That means 240 days of free advertisement for your business right in their home or office. Moreover, it is most likely they will pass along the promotional products to their friends and family, who will also learn about your product or service.

When thinking about promotional items, to rule is: to use them or to lose them. In other words, either you will give them stuff they will keep for the long term or the one they will lose easily. Both are acceptable because, in the end, it is the advertisement in the process that counts. According to the BPMA’s study, pens are in the fifth place of effective promotional products that are kept for a long time.

Why are people attracted to free giveaways?

If you go to your desk right now, you will find at least one product with the branded logo of some company. Big companies, the one you can find on 500 Fortune list, are spending millions and millions of dollars on promotional products because they have seen enormous reciprocity out of it.

No wonder the promotional products industry accumulates $15 billion annually. The majority of people who receive promotional materials have a positive impression of that company, associate with that brand, and share a favorable opinion about it to their friends and family. Talking about brand ambassadors.

Dan Ariely, professor of psychology and behavioral economics at Duke University, suggests that when something is free, people perceive the value of that product as higher. That means there is a higher chance of purchase a more expensive product or service after being rewarded with a free sample, coupon, giveaway, or trial. In short, if the perceived value is higher than the price tag, they will be more likely to pay for a certain good. The principle that hides in such activities is that people feel inclined to repay for the ‘’gifts’’, our brains feel good when we are treated with something without doing anything.

If you analyze platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, they have built their business around the theory of reciprocity. If you receive something for free, you feel compelled to give something in return. Just like when your friends pay for a drink or coffee. Robert Cialdini, the name behind the idea of reciprocity, says that evolution is so profoundly enrooted in our brains that we repeat the behaviour of our ancestors: if we give nothing, we lose.

Some businesses are reluctant to give free samples because they only look at the money they will spend on creating and making promotional materials. However, it has been proved that giveaways actually result in higher revenue and a positive perceived image of the company.

If you ask companies what the most valuable element of their business is, the majority will answer customers, but then one third will be unwilling to pay for the marketing activities that will acquire them more clients and revenue. That is especially true for small businesses that are struggling to get a small part of the market. On the other hand, they are the ones that should use this type of promotional activity more often because it will positively influence their brand image, brand identity, and a number of sales.

The power of branded pens

One study suggested that around 60% of people use pens 5-10 times a day. In spite of having smartphones, we still love to take notes with a simple pen. That being said, you have a large pool of potential clients primed to advertise your brand for free, just by using your promotional gift pen every day. Just like professionally designed business cards, your business pens should look stylish, attractive, and share your brand message to your potential audience.

Why pens? To simply put, because they are useful. And the more valuable is the item, the longer it will stick around. And as we said, it is not only about your potential client; it is also about his network and the boost your business will receive after the free advertising. As emotional creatures, we are more attached to the companies that treat as nicely with freebies, so we pay them with our loyalty, trust, and positive word-of-mouth.

How many promotional items do you own?

Remember that having promotional materials is not the same as having the right ones. If you need professionally created and designed promotional items for your business that will stand out and have a higher conversion rate, contact us and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions or start working on your promotional items.

Only useful, relevant, and good quality promotional products that are beneficial to the clients will get you the results you want: increase the number of sales, boost online presence, excel among your competitors, and receive the positive acknowledgement of your audience.

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